Stand Still & Look Stupid - Written by Mike Broemmel & Starring Emily Ebertz

Stand Still & look Stupid - A play in three acts

Cast and Crew of Stand Still & Look Stupid - Hedy Lamarr

Emily Ebertz - Hedy Lamarr

Emily is thrilled to be bringing Hedy Lamarr to the stage in her debut with Theatrix USA! She hopes that everyone who sees it takes away a little piece of knowledge about this extraordinary woman; they can then share it with someone else, who can also share it with others, so that, soon, the whole world will know who Hedy Lamarr is. Her most recent performance was as Linda in Evil Dead: The Musical with Equinox Theatre Company. You can see her coming up in Reefer Madness as Mary Lane with Equinox Theatre Company, which is showing every weekend of this April. This show is, and will always be, dedicated to her father. Can't wait to see you all at the show and share this icon with you all!

Mike Broemmel - Playwright

Critically-acclaimed playwright Mike Broemmel is the primary author of Stand Still & Look Stupid. A resident of Denver, Colorado, Broemmel's other theatrical credits include: The Hours of Anne, The Bonfils Girl, Taking Tea with the Ripper, Goddess People, The Row, and the soon to premiere The Lady of Ludlow

Ren Manley - Director

Ren Manley is the primary director of the Stand Still & Look Stupid production. Manley is an award-winning technical director and audio and visual design creator. She provided incomparable expertise to bringing Stand Still & Look Stupid alive in the first instance. She currently heads Audacious Theatre. 

Sybll Romley - Producer

Sybll Romley is an accomplished Executive with a well-rounded business basckground currently serving on the Board of Directors for Theatrix USA. She has produced several shows for Act One Productions and Theatrix USA including: Taking Tea with the Ripper, The Bonfils Girl, Stand Still & Look Stupid and Kiss.

Cathy Wasburn - Research

Cathy Washburn is an award-winning stage and film actor. She is the lead in The Bonfils Girl, an award-winning play that chronicles the life story of Helen Bonfils. Bonfils was the first woman producer on Broadway and the first female publisher of a major daily newspaper. Cathy worked tirelessly in editing and assisting with research for this play.

Ali Romley - Creative Director