Cast and Crew of Stand Still & Look Stupid - Hedy Lamarr

Emily Ebertz - Hedy Lamarr

Emily Ebertz is overjoyed to continue playing Hedy Lamarr for 2019! She was born, raised, and attended elementary, middle, and high school in Minnesota. After graduating she moved to Decorah, Iowa where she attended Luther College and received a B.A. In Psychology and Theater. In June of 2016 she made the trek to Parker, Colorado with her boyfriend and has lived there ever since. She can be seen around Denver performing in various plays and musicals. Her last performances include Linda in Evil Dead The Musical and Mary Lane in Reefer Madness The Musical both with Equinox Theater Company at the Bug Theatre. She played Serena in the premiere of River'd Inn at the 2019 Colorado Theatre Festival. Many, many thanks to her mother, Sue, and her boyfriend, Sean, without their support and love who knows where she would be! She hopes you enjoy the show and get as much out of this story as she continues to every time she performs it.

Mike Broemmel - Playwright

Critically-acclaimed playwright Mike Broemmel is the primary author of Stand Still & Look Stupid, the life story of Hedy Lamarr. A resident of Denver, Colorado, Broemmel's other theatrical credits include: The Hours of Anne, The Bonfils Girl, Taking Tea with the Ripper, Goddess People, The Row, The Lady of Ludlow, The Baptism, Six Joan Crawfords, and the soon to premiere Call Me Mrs. Evers. Mike has been the playwright in residence at Theatrix USA for six years.  

Ren Manley - Director

Ren Manley is the primary director of the Stand Still & Look Stupid production. She also contributed to the creation of the script of the life story of Hedy Lamarr. Manley is an award-winning technical director and audio and visual design creator. She provided incomparable expertise to bringing Stand Still & Look Stupid alive in the first instance. She currently heads Audacious Theatre. 

Sybll Romley - Producer

Sybll Romley is an accomplished Executive with a well-rounded business basckground currently serving on the Board of Directors for Theatrix USA. She has produced several shows for Act One Productions and Theatrix USA including: Taking Tea with the Ripper, The Bonfils Girl, Stand Still & Look Stupid and Kiss.

Cathy Wasburn - Research

Cathy Washburn is an award-winning stage and film actor. She is the lead in The Bonfils Girl, an award-winning play that chronicles the life story of Helen Bonfils. Bonfils was the first woman producer on Broadway and the first female publisher of a major daily newspaper. Cathy worked tirelessly in editing and assisting with research for this play.

Ali Romley - Creative Director

Ali Romley is a graduate of Santa Clara University. In addition to her work on Stand Still & Look Stupid, Ali has served as the Creative Director of The Baptism, Kiss, and Taking Tea with  the Ripper.

Colorado TINTS

Theatre in Non-Traditional Spaces

Established in Dec 2017, Colorado TINTS' mission is to use theater to bring under-reported stories to the public and to make theater shows accessible to audiences who may not be able to afford or otherwise attend traditional theater venues. We do this by utilizing public and private spaces – churches, homes, community centers, parks, restaurants, schools, and other venues. ColoradoTINTS is comprised of a team of Colorado writers, directors, actors, producers, and filmmakers who combine talents to create original, socially relevant work.

Theatrix USA

Additional Information

Headquartered in Denver, Theatrix USA is a theatrical production company that focuses on bringing original plays to the stage in communities across the United States. Through the years, Theatrix USA has produced an ever-growing number of critically-acclaimed, award-winning plays. 

Theatrix USA created The Iconic Women Theatre Series, of which Stand Still & Look Stupid, the life story of Hedy Lamarr is a part.